By Claudia Correia

Hi! If you are on our journal thank you for visiting and since you are here, let’s get to know each other better, you never know… we probably have a lot of things in common.

I’m Claudia, Founder and Chief Executive of Body Positive + a proudly Latina  African mix of confidence, personality and full-figured flavour. I have been Plus-shape for most of my adult life. I have always fluctuated in-between sizes 18 to 22. The largest being when I was pregnant with my son 

My cupboard is filled with cheap fashion, some good pieces but mostly fashion that doesnt fit well and none of the stuff I really wanted. Majority of top fashion brands dont cater for +shape diversity and +size inclusion.  

Our brand identity is special to me as it connects “Body Positivity and Diversity” and the “+” connects women like myself who are Plus-Size or as I prefer Plus-Shaped.” – Claudia

Body Positive + is my clothing brand that I have been wanting to start since “FOREVERRR”. From the days of playihng with paper dolls and making weird clothing for my barbies.  It’s been that long. At one point in this journey I almost didn’t make it. There were alot of people who took advantage of my ‘noob” status and i lost some of my investment. Having no direct fashion or design knowledge, no experience in working with CMT (cut,make,trim) production line, no contacts for fabrics and textiles, no pattern making skills  this has been a massive monumental learning curve for me.  But i can honestly share that with all the above, i have never been happier. 

In my opinion if you not learning new things every single day, you not living so I am up for the challenges and will continue to try my best. My mom taught me to be a starter and a finisher, and at the ripe age of 42 I have finally achieved one of my many life goals, launching the first of my 6 dresses.  When they say you never too old to start something new, or achieve your dreams, believe it cause it’s the truth. i have invested in the tools of the fashion trade and upskilling myself so that i am able to bring quality modern and classic clothing to the plus community in South Africa. 

I am a mother of one beautiful son and like most Latina families born in the 70’s, I have a handful of brothers and sisters. My parents clearly didnt have a TV :).  There are 6 of us in our clan with our many gorgeous children. My family are my pillar of strength every single day and I am blessed to have them by my side through the journey we call life.  

My journal is a place where you will find a posts about my lifestyle, travel adventures, motherhood and business, where I will share my thoughts, inspirations and experiences from designing collections, to sampling, production, photo shoots, marketing, tips tricks and everything else in-between.

If what I do resonates with you or your brand, contact me for possible collaborations! Let’s create something beautiful, wonderful and meaningful.

Chat soon xoxo