The Wrap Dress

By Body Positive +

The wrap dress is always my go to piece in my cupboard thanks to the genius that is Diane Von Furstenberg who originally invented the iconic dress. I have tried pretty much every single wrap dress available in a plus-size in South Africa and have found in my experience that there was never quite enough “wrap” in the dress.  When I decided to start this journey I was adamant that we were going to do a wrap dress that I would love that had just enough of everything!

We took all the things I loved and included them in the pattern and those things we didn’t like, made sure that we fixed these niggles in our pattern. Ultimately the dress had to have substance and weight behind it to ensure beautiful movement.

One of the biggest challenges I always faced was there never seemed to be enough fabric in dresses made for plussize, so if you like me, I always ended up flashing my spanx (which is so not attractive) or showing way too much leg, which is not really my style. My personal preference has always been understated sexy.

The Valkyrie Dress is our Body Positive + Wrap Dress, an inspirational piece in its simplicity, this dress is close to my heart. The stages of patterning and sampling was like a dance of tango until we reached the end of the guitar song with a smile on our lips. We eventually got it right and I love this dress so very much! The dress has what we call “an extra wrap” which means we have included additional fabric to get the inner-wrap secure and still make sure that there is more than enough outer-wrap to swathe the hips giving you a shapewear feeling in a dress. 

There are so many ways to wear this dress and its perfect for all seasons. We will be including additional wrap versions with hem ruffles and exciting fabrics in luxe jersey knits, leather and suede for Autumn/Winter that you can couple with jacket and boots for that always effortless feminine chic. 

Ps: If you have bought the Valkyrie Wrap Dress share your feedback on how it fits, hope you love the dress as much as I do.

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