One Size Fits All

By Claudia Correia

Just this weekend I was browsing online for a few new pieces to add to my cupboard and was surprised to find many local designers referencing “one size fits most” with their garments.

Cambridge dictionary online, describes one-size-fits-all is “as a piece of clothing that is designed to fit a person of any size, it is also intended to be suitable for everyone and for every purpose.”

Seriously in this day and age, do designers still think that One Size Fits All jumpsuit or pantsuit, shirt and skirt fits all? Real women are multi-dimensional. 

One Size does not fit all and it certainly does not fit most, not in this generation. Height makes a huge difference in fit as much as shape and weight do. Now I know there are designs that are size inclusive, meaning they are designed to fit a size 16 and also size 20, but these are few and far between.

Inclusive designing and inclusive clothing need to be more mainstream so we can eliminate the “one size fits all”. Inclusive designs matter and inclusive sizing even more so. 

“Confidence is Beautiful. 
No Matter your Size, No Matter your Weight, Be Confident 
in Who You Are and You Will Be Beautiful”

There is nothing worse than ordering online and receiving a parcel that you have ordered in a “one size” because you are almost guaranteed it is not going to fit properly. 

Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes and we need to remember that when we design and manufacture clothing. Please lets stop with the One Size. 

Lets design with size inclusion #SizeInclusionMatters