By Body Positive +

A letter from Body Positive +

To our valued customers, beautiful strong women and local plus size community

Body Positive closed our studio, production lines and online store on the 18th of March 2020 to start an early implementation of social distancing and self-isolation in mitigation of the spread of COVID-19. 

This is a very difficult time for all South Africans, Global Citizens and Humanity. As a small family business, built on our own personal savings over 5 years, we have taken an incredible economic loss, but more importantly an emotional loss. we were prepared to take on the economic losses, put our dream on hold and sacrifice our short-term business goals, for the sake of being part of the solution to COVID-19.  

We are still saddened as we do not know when we will be able to reopen our business. During this 21-day lockdown and afterwards, we will remain agile and continue to adjust our plans as we move forward together. 

Right now, the best treatment to COVID-19 is Social Distancing and until the virus is almost eradicated in South Africa, we cannot see government lifting the lockdown and social distancing restrictions. 

The COVID-19 virus cannot travel, it cannot fly, crawl or move. The only way it moves is through people, with us hosting the virus, carrying it around and spreading it to family, friends and communities and vulnerable. 

Our government lockdown was the correct measure taken by our president and we at Body Positive are fully behind our honourable president Mr Cyril Ramaphosa and team.

With so much uncertainty and the pending economic crisis. How do we continue with what we started, stay invested, motivated and connected? The struggle is very real. We are fighters, survivors and we will scale down and sacrifice now to scale up and prosper later.

My sisters and I will continue with our plans to release new pieces in our collection later this year as we have already bought at the fabrics and fittings for our winter range so it’s just a matter of production reopening when the time is right. 

If you have not already signed up, we encourage you to stay in touch with us on social platforms @BodyPositivieZa for posts and updates as we unpack the next six months. To all our close customers who we call friends and plus size community, please remember the power of positivity. 

We encourage you to take a moment and reflect on 5 things that you are truly grateful for every day. Learn to substitute a negative thought with a positive one. Try and see the positive side of every situation, even when you are surrounded by pure negativity. 

Fall in love with the simple things that make life meaningful and find the things that make you feel whole again.

During this time remember what is means to be human and look after yourself and your loved ones. Lets #FlattenTheCurve together.

Yours in Positivity,

Claudia, Ivaniza and Anita